Kill Bill Costumes for Cosplay on Sale

It's been almost 15 years since Quentin Tarantino's movie Kill Bill premiered in cinema theaters back in October 2003, followed by its sequel six months later. The timeless quality of the unique characters and story still keeps its characters as popular cosplay and Halloween costume theme for women today. If you need a good Halloween costume inspired by the popular martial art characters from Quentin Tarantino's cult movie Kill Bill, you will want to look at some of these well made cosplay style costumes. These cosplay costume kits include The Bride's yellow jumpsuit inspired by Bruce Lee, Oren Ishii's beautiful white kimono, GoGo Yubari's cute Japanese girl school uniform, and Elle Driver's sexy but lethal white nurse dress with hat and red cross white eyepatch. For a limited time, custom made Kill Bill costumes are available. Don't wait too long since these costumes are specially ordered outfits. Scroll down below to check out these outfits.

Kill Bill Beatrix Kiddo Women's Costume

Deluxe Kill Bill Beatrix Kiddo Motorcycle Jumpsuit

The new official Beatrix Kiddo yellow jumpsuit is now available. As movie fans already know, the yellow and black design is based on Bruce Lee's outfit in his Game of Death.

Kill Bill Gogo Yubari School Girl Costume

Gogo Yubari School Girl Uniform Costume

Gogo Yubari, portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama, plays the disturbed 17 year old Japanese High School student who works as O-Ren Ishii's personal bodyguard. She is remembered for her fight scene against the Bride while dressed in her student uniform. You can now dress up just like Gogo in this official Kill Bill school girl uniform costume which is available for women in sizes x-small to large.

Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword

Hattori Hanzo Samurai Sword


GoGo Yubari Spiked Ball Chain Weapon

GoGo Yubari's Spiked Ball Chain


Kill Bill Elle Driver's Nurse Costume

Elle Driver Nurse Costume

Elle Driver (played by Daryl Hannah) was one of the original member of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad who later became a rival of Beatrix. This new official costume is based on the movie scene where Elle goes undercover as a Nurse in an attempt to kill the Bride. This is available in adult women sizes x-small to large.

Kill Bill O-Ren Ishii White Kimono Costume

O-ren Ishii White Kimono Costume

O-ren Ishii (played by Lucy Lui) was one of the original members of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Her codename was Cottonmouth. who later became a crime boss of an underground syndicate in Tokyo. This tailored made cosplay costume is inspired by her white kimono outfit from the movie. Since this one is custom-made, please order at least 2 week earlier in order to receive your costume on time.

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Kill Bill Hospital Scene: Nurse Elle vs The Bride

The BrideKill Bill is a popular movie by Quentin Tarantino from the year 2003 revolving around Uma Thurman's character "The Bride" who seeks revenge against her enemies that left her for dead. Her most memorable female nemesis included Lucy Liu as samurai / assassin O Ren Ishii, Chiaki Kuriyama as her lethal school girl bodyguard GoGo Yubari, and as Darryl Hannah as vengeful patch eyed Elle Driver who looks damn sexy in a nurse uniform dress. The epic film had to be split into two films for release due to the length of the movie. Kill Bill Volume 2 was released in 2004. Both films played homage to past martial arts, spaghetti westerns, and female revenge genre films. The movie's memorable heroes and villains became so popular with movie going fans that many made cosplay costumes celebrating their favorite characters in conventions or during Halloween dress up parties. Now there is news that Tarantino wants to write and direct a third installment of the movie series with Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah reprising their famous roles so don't be surprised to hear about Kill Bill 3 being filmed sometime soon.

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