1920s Flapper Costume Ideas for Women

1920s flapper costume ideas

This Halloween we recommend that you take a look back to the past for some beautiful 1920’s retro costume ideas for this Halloween! The term “Flappers” refers to a group of energetic young women during the 1920s in the Western part of North America. These progressive women are remembered for their bob-cut hairstyle, short stylish dresses, and love for jazz music. The ladies were judged by mainstream society for their use of makeup, consumption of alcohol, open sexuality, smoking of cigarettes, driving cars, and other behaviors that challenged traditional conservative social norms.

Thanks to these flappers, fashion and style were also rejuvenated. People who were traditionally conservative and Christian were culturally shocked by these progressive women of the 1920s. They had successfully removed from women fashion, the corsets, gown hemlines, and long skirts that originally restricted women’s fashion at the time. They also helped make short hair popular among women. In the past, cosmetics were associated with prostitutes, but they were able to change the stereotype because deep lipsticks and heavy eyeliners made them more glamorous. When it comes to dresses, they wear short and sleeveless dresses which made the arms and legs bare. Stockings they used were made up of rayon or silk. They also wear high-heeled shoes.

Plus Size Charleston Flapper Dress

Plus Size Charleston Flapper Dress

These days, where do ladies wear their Flapper girl costumes? For Halloween, people who have to have fun like to dress up in period costumes like the flappers, but there are occasions aside from Halloween when you might to wear an authentic looking flapper dress. For example, these Flapper dresses are ideal for theatrical plays set in the roaring Twenties.

Plus Size Red Flapper Costume Dress

Plus Size Red Flapper Dress

Women's Plus Size Onyx Flapper Dress Costume

Plus Size Onyx Flapper Dress

Plus Size Roaring Roxy Flapper CostumeDuring the Roaring Twenties, the Flapper girl really was the ‘it’ girl of the time. A Flapper girl was often a young woman who rebelled against what society expected of her during the 1920s. These young progressive women didn’t care for society’s traditional and conservative rules regarding fashion, hairstyle, and behavior. These women helped encourage the women’s movement and advancement the rights for women in America. For the flapper girls of this time period, they would call their risque dresses bee’s knees (a flapper expression meaning ‘good’).

plus womens dolled up flapper dressThe revealing nature of flapper dresses were distinctly different from the more conservative dress of other women of the time. Dresses had a dropped waistline and oftentimes were very provocative, even by today’s standards. Most had a plunging neckline and a plunging back. Many dresses were sleeveless, showing off the arms. Most were “loud” – and had either sequins and beads or a floral print. And the skirts were often high, revealing more leg that people are accustomed to seeing openly in public.

If you are planning to have that revolutionizing look from the 20s in your next Halloween or costume party, you have plenty of flapper costumes to choose from. There are a wide variety of flapper dress designs for slim to full figure women so all ladies can enjoy wearing their vintage style sexy dresses. Enhance your look by adding 1920s costume accessories like wigs, feather headbands, long cigarettes, boas, beaded necklaces and beautiful pair of shoes. By dressing up as a flapper woman, you can show off your feminine vigor as part of the “new breed”. Get in touch with the past by becoming one of these liberated women of the 1920s! Let your inner strong women come out as you dress up and party for Halloween!