Best Green Lantern Costumes for Sale

Green Lantern Costumes

Throughout the DC Comics universe history, a diverse number of humans and aliens from many different worlds have taken on the charge of being the Green Lantern, wearing the Green Lantern costume since the character was created as part of the “Justice League” back in the 1950s. With supernatural powers that come from a special “ring” that fell to earth in as a green fiery meteor, the Green Lantern has enhanced abilities in the physical universe. Together, each of the beings that have served as the Green Lantern is known as the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic quad with policing powers.

One of the first fictional characters to don the Green Lantern costume was Alan Scott. As a young engineer surviving a railroad bridge collapse, he came upon the green flame that showed him how to escape. He was able to make a ring from its metal, giving him special powers which he used to don a Green Lantern costume and fight crime. His Green Lantern costume was made of dark green pants, a red shirt with a Green Lantern costume logo and a black cape with a stiff, stand-up collar

Deluxe Kid Green Lantern CostumeAnother man who wore the Green Lantern costume was test pilot, Hal Jordan. He assumed the role of Green Lantern and wore the Green Lantern costume when he was a recipient of the power ring and lantern from a dying alien who landed on Earth. His Green Lantern costume had a more stylized look made with a green jumpsuit featuring a new logo emblazoned on the chest. Gauntlet-style gloves, boots and a green eye mask are also essential accessories for this Green Lantern costume.

Guy Gardner and John Stewart have also both worn the Green Lantern costume, but Kyle Rayner was the most modern man to wear the suit of the Green Lantern costume. As a struggling freelance artist, many were unsure why the lantern passed to him – he didn’t seem as brave or hero-like as some of the predecessors. However, his continual success wearing the Green Lantern costume meant he no longer had to prove himself and was later known with reverence as “The Torch Bearer”. His Green Lantern costume is styled to look like a typical spandex superhero suit in emerald green and black with green gloves and a Green Lantern costume eye mask.

Available in sizes to fit babies, toddlers, children and adults, a Green Lantern costume features a jumpsuit style outfit with attached dark green boots and accenting on the chest. Some versions of the Green Lantern costume are available with a muscle chest so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym getting pumped up! A must-have accessory for any Green Lantern costume is the Green Lantern costume ring. This power ring features the trademark insignia and is designed as a large, light-up plastic ring that is operated by battery. With a single touch you can light up this super-cool Green Lantern costume accessory. Described as “the most powerful weapon in the universe”, the power ring can implement anything that the wearer can conjure up in his imagination. This highly coveted part of any Green Lantern costume has enabled the wearer to have powers such as flight, light energy, plasma blasts, time travel, telepathic ability, invisibility, super-healing and more! So “go green” for Halloween by suiting up in a Green Lantern costume and being part of the Green Lantern Corp.

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