Area 51 Alien Costumes for Halloween Sale

Aliens are all over the news these days. Before they went mainstream, everything we know about aliens we learned from movies or conspiracy theories, or from the men in black who use their mind eraser skills to make us forget we saw them. To celebrate these outer world beings, you can suit up in an Alien costume for Halloween. Wearing an outer space alien costume are funny way to explore what we think about those other worldly beings. If you enjoy the idea of being an alien, there’s no doubt you’ll have fun transforming yourself into one of these mysterious creatures this year. For this upcoming Halloween season, you can also scare your friends and colleagues with a spooky extraterrestrial costume because earthly monsters like werewolves, mummies, Frankenstein’s monster, and vampires are so typical. Inspiration for your choice of style of alien can come from light-hearted sci-fi comedies to far-out scary conspiracy theories. But, regardless of the source material, you can learn how to make the perfect alien costume. Thanks to Hollywood movies and television, only your imagination is the limit when it comes to the creative idea of aliens. They have been everything from normal looking alien humanoids to monstrous creatures.

Alien Halloween Costumes

Take a look and choose the alien look that you want and get ready to create an out of this world costume for Halloween. A large number of choices is offered, which means everyone can find one that looks good on them. For example, some look better when worn by children while others look best on adults. Even so, it’s possible to find something that fits everyone if you take your time shopping around. The most important thing to remember is that they should cover the whole body and have a large headpiece with eyes that protrude outwards. This will really isolate you from humans! If you want to look like an alien, there’s no better way than wearing a costume. They are just like regular pieces of clothing but with a lot more detail. When shopping for these items, you’ll notice that they come in all shapes and sizes; including those that fit children or adults perfectly well. You can even find them at your local department store if they don’t sell them during certain times of the year (such as Halloween).

There are several reasons why people choose to wear these costumes on Halloween rather than any other day in October: A large number of choices is offered which means everyone can find one that looks good on them! For example, some look better when worn by children while others look best for adults; but it’s possible to find something fits everyone if you take your time shopping around. The most important thing to remember when buying a costume is its size- it should cover the whole body from head to toe so people won’t be able to recognize what alien species you’re impersonating. Of course, making an alien costume is always an affordable option if you’re creative enough and willing to put the time into it, but for those who aren’t lucky enought to have the time to spend evenings crafting their disguise, there are many ready-made versions available online for people who want convenience!

But for those who are motivated to create their own, here are some suggestions. Creativity and hard work can help you create the ultimate out of this world alien costume at home.

Alien Faces: Makeup, Facial Features, Masks and More

Almost every alien-wanna be has to make some adjustment to their face. It can be as simple as adding a little glitter on your arms and face.1 If you want to be a bit more colorful, then you need to look into makeup or a mask, both of which you can make at home. An alternative is to add or make large sunglasses.

Makeup and Facial Features

Although green is a traditional favorite skin color for aliens, almost any color or colors is acceptable for aliens. To make your own makeup, all you need is a little cornstarch, cold cream and food coloring.
Stir 1 teaspoon cornstarch and 1/2 teaspoon cold cream together until well blended.
Add 1/2 teaspoon water and stir.
Add a few drops food coloring and stir. Add more food coloring if necessary until you obtain the color you desire.

If you want to alter the shape of your face, you can make ridges on your face using spirit gum, nose putty, cotton balls and petroleum jelly. Then, stipple eyelash adhesive over the putty ridges to make “skin.”3 Color this with your face makeup.


If you are looking to create a Roswell or monster-like alien, then you will probably need some type of mask.
One way to make a mask is to use paper mache.
Draw a mask on white craft foam and decorate it with dimensional paint.
Make a mask out of a gallon milk jug and some elastic string.


Over-sized sunglasses are another way to give your face a more alien look. Here are some suggestions on how to accessorize them:
Cut a three eyed shape out of cardboard and tape cellophane to make lenses. Staple elastic between the earpieces to keep the sunglasses in place.
Wear over-sized glasses.
Glue a third eye onto a pair of glasses or on the bridge of your nose.

Alien Head Coverings: Bald Heads, Helmets, Hair and More

Once you have decided on a face, you need to start considering the rest of your head. You have numerous options. If you have a gallon milk jug, you can make either a helmet or a robot face, depending on how you cut and decorate it.4 9 However, you might also opt for some of the more popular alien features such as antennas, a bald head, colorful hair or alien eyes.

Bald Head

Aliens are known for their lack of hair covering. Rather than shave your head, there are two ways you can easily cover up your own hair:
Use a green (or painted green) ladies swim cap to make a bald head.
Apply makeup or facepaint before putting the cap on.
Attach the cap with spirit gum.
If the cap is too big, it can be cut to fit or stuffed to make it fill out.
If you can work a needle or thread, you can make an alien head (or hat) using a large circle of green fabric. Hem the ends of fabric, leaving enough space to get a strip of elastic through. Then, stuff the head with plastic bags and put it on your head.


Many aliens are known for their antenna. They are simple to make if you have a few simple craft items. Here’s a couple of ways you can do it: Wrap a headband in aluminum foil and attach two pipe cleaners to the top for antenna.
If you have long hair, simply tie it a bun and stick a couple of pipe cleaners into it.
Glue painted Styrofoam balls or pompoms to the end of the pipe cleaners to make antennas.
If you are wearing a cap, cut tiny slits in the back and insert straws for the antennae.


If you want your alien to have hair (or don’t want to cover you own), there are ways you can modify your hair to make it look more alien-like:
Dye your hair using washable hair tints.
Put your hair in pigtails or thin braids.
Spray your hair with colored hair spray.

Alien Eyes

Having bulging eyes at the top of your head is a great way to declare your alien status. There are a couple of easy ways you can create this look: Attach large Styrofoam balls to the ends of pipe cleaners to make protruding eyeballs. The pipe cleaners can be wrapped around a head band. Glue springs onto a head band.8 Then, put Styrofoam or ping pong balls onto it for eyes.

Alien Clothing: Spacesuits, Space Boots, Bodies and More

When deciding what clothing to wear, you have several options. Your choice will usually be dictated by what type of alien you are creating. If you are leaning toward the more humanoid alien types, a spacesuit is usually a good choice to make as it will declare your alien status. However, colorful clothing can also be worn.


Spacesuits are the favorite costume of both astronauts and aliens. There are several methods you can use to create a spacesuit. Here are a few suggestions.
A spacesuit costume can be sewn using any basic jumpsuit pattern and silver satin.
Spray paint an old pair of coveralls silver.
Cover cardboard with aluminum foil and fluorescent markers for major areas of the body.
Take metal or plastic dryer ducts and cut them into sections for the arms.
Wrap pants with aluminum foil and secure with duct tape.
Disposable roasting pans and baking sheets are a great way to create the metallic look. Attach a couple together using long strips of duct tape and you have created the front and back of a spacesuit.
Use reflectors and construction paper to create dials on your spacesuit.
Instead of using duct tape, try foil tape. It is only slightly more expensive but is much more metallic looking.

Space Boots

There are three easy ways you can make metallic space boots:
Spray paint an old pair of shoes metallic silver.
Cover your shoes with aluminum foil.
Wrap your boots or shoes with duct tape or silver foil tape.

Colorful “Alien” Clothing

Alien clothing is usually very colorful and mismatched. Here are some suggestions on how to create clothing that an alien might wear:
Draw stars on your shirt and pants using glitter glue or florescent paint.
Glue sequins and felt in fun patterns to old clothes.
Draw or paint your clothes to make them look more space-like.
Drape yourself in a tie-dyed bed sheet.
Dress all in black and add a black cape.

Alien Bodies

The body of the aliens can be very creative since only your imagination would be the limit. Here are a some suggestions that can help you make your outer space attire appear more like an alien creature:
Create tentacles by cutting out long sheets of faux fur and pinning them to a sweatshirt.
Glue blobs of faux fur to your shirt.
Cut out lots of fabric strips in variety of material and colors. Sew, pin or glue them to sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt.
You can create a alien with four arms by using a large sweatshirt, pair of gloves, and turtleneck of the same color.
Split the seams underneath the arm holes of the sweatshirt. Stuff the arms of the sweatshirt and gloves. Then, pin the gloves to the sweatshirt arms. Put on the turtleneck and sweatshirt and you’re good to go.
Make the hands a unique shape by cutting a hole in ping-pong balls and gluing them to the end of each finger of a glove.
Glue fake fur to the back of a pair of gloves to make alien hands.