The Best Batman Movie Costumes for Cosplay

Batman Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021
Halloween is next month! As we approach another great season of Halloween, some people stress over what Halloween costume they should wear, but after they decide on a good costume idea, everyone remembers why they love Halloween night. It’s a day that gives everyone an excuse to dress up like kids as their favorite characters. One of the most popular characters this season is Batman due to box office success of the movie Justice League in movie theaters across the world! Fans of the Caped Crusader always look out for the ultimate quality made Batman costumes. Since the release of the previous Dark Knight movie, Rubies have been producing a wonderful theatrical movie quality costume called the Dark Knight Grand Heritage Collection costume for adult men. This is an officially licensed Batman costume so you can be sure that the quality is top notch. This authentic Batman Grand Heritage costume will impress any fan at a costume party, cosplay show, or comic book convention. Rubies also released the newest Batman movie costume based on the Dawn of Justice film! Check it out!

Best Batman Movie Costume Ideas for Halloween

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

This is the lower price newest version of the Batman Grand Heritage costume inspired by the last Dark Knight Rises movie. This features a polyurethane foam jumpsuit with chest molding and back zipper, molded Batman cowl, detailed utility belt, faux-leather gauntlets, foam boot tops, and button fasten cape with plastic rods for the extra heroic look.

Adult Collectors Edition Batman Costume

Deluxe Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Disguise yourself as The Dark Knight! This cosplay quality movie costume is the official Batman’s Grand Heritage Dark Knight Costume from Rubies. This movie quality costume includes the high quality accessories to complete your look so you can impress anyone at a cosplay event! Available in men sizes medium, large, or extra-large.

Adult Collectors Edition Batman Costume

Justice League Batman Grand Heritage Costume

Based on the latest Batman from the Justice League movies, this outfit is the high quality Batman movie costume! Battle Superman on Halloween night wearing this high quality movie costume set!

Premium Classic Batman Costume for Men

Premium Classic Batman Costume for Men

Inspired by the classic comic books of Batman, this comic book style Batman costume is great for old school fans of the orginal crime fighter of Gotham City!


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Trailer


Rubies currently offer two types of Batman Halloween costumes. The best one we recommend is the original Batman Grand Heritage costume from the previous movie The Dark Knight. The second version that was released this year is a lower priced version with spandex pants. If you are on a tighter budget, you can go with the newest version which is a couple hundred dollars cheaper. If you don’t like the bare spandex Batman pants, we do recommend that you go with the first original Grand Heritage Batman costume! We received the best Batman Grand Heritage costume reviews for the original version. If you need more Batman costume ideas, you can also dress up in Rubie’s Joker Grand Heritage Collection costume!

If you are a true Batman fan, don’t hesitate to spoil yourself. Halloween is a good time to get these because online costume shops offer great discount sale prices and offer money saving coupons to help you afford the outfit. Even if you only wear it once, you can always resell them as these costumes are still valuable at second hand. Batman is a very popular character so he will not go out of style anytime soon in the future. The Dark Knight is a timeless Halloween costume that can be worn any year because Batman has become part of popular cultures in many countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Britain, Japan, and many other countries around the globe!