Rudolph Reindeer Costume Ideas for Christmas

If you are looking for reindeer costumes for the holidays, you can’t forget about everybody’s favorite childhood Christmas character: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! This is the classical story of Christmas tells the tale of Rudolph a gentle reindeer from the North Pole who was rejected by his fellow reindeers because his red nose. If you ever felt like an outcast because you were different from the rest of the group. you can empathize with Rudolf who ultimately becomes a hero when he guides the sledge of Father Christmas through a blinding snowstorm, and the morning of Christmas is rescued for the boys and girls of the entire world. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is also famous for starring in the popular TV special that aired each Christmas and also the main character of a very popular international song that receives intensive airplay around the globe each December! If you are looking for a Rudolph costume, you can basically pick any reindeer costume and add a red clown nose or blinking red light nose to create the iconic Christmas character. So we have listed the best Reindeer costumes available this Christmas below!

The Best Reindeer Costume Ideas

Rudolph Reindeer Costumes

Rudolph, a reindeer of fiction with a luminous nose, was shunned like a outcast in the beginning but by the end of the story, he overcomes his difference and finishes as the hero as he guides Santa and his team to save Christmas. The red nosed hero that saves Christmas was invented in 1939 by a copywriter Chicago based David May, a book given away to his employers’ customers from the department store Montgomery Ward. May received rights to the short story in the year 1947 and he asked his brother in the law, composer Johnny Marks, to put it to music and also write the lyrics. This became a massive hit for cowboy Gene Autry, in the same year. Since then has been registered in at least 30 other languages. An animated one hour television special debuted on the television station NBC on December 6, 1964 and has been transmitted every year since, to vast awaiting audiences.