Dick Tracy Halloween Costume for Sale

This Halloween, if you are more “old school” when it comes to superheroes, you can pay homage to a classic comic book hero rather than dressing up as another blockbuster Marvel movie character. Dick Tracy is the famous detective with the iconic yellow jacket from the classic American comic book series dating back all the way to 1931 when it was simply comic strip drawn by creator Chester Gould in the Detroit Mirror! Here are your options to recreate your own Dick Tracy detective Halloween costume!

Yellow Jacket Gangster Adult Costume - Standard

Adult Yellow Trenchcoat

If you need to create the iconic Dick Tracy detective outfit, this yellow trenchcoat will help you create your own Dick Tracy costume! Yellow Hat sold separately.

Yellow Fedora Hat

Dick Tracy Fedora Hat

Complete your Dick Tracy costume with a classic yellow fedora hat!

If you want to dress up as someone iconic for Halloween, many people will instantly recognize Dick Tracy by his bright yellow coat or detective jacket. You may also remember legendary actor Warren Beatty playing the role in his 1990 movie Dick Tracy with singer Madonna who played Breathless Mahoney. Now you can suit up as the legendary comic book police detective in your very own Dick Tracy Halloween cosplay costume featuring Dick Tracy’s yellow detective overcoat, yellow pants, suit, tie, and iconic yellow fedora hat.

Yellow Jacket Detective Costume

Massive Comic Book Mobster Costume

The gangster villains in classic comic books like Dick Tracy are always larger than life. Here is chance for you to dress up as a one of a kind gangster for Halloween!

Although Dick Tracy character’s wardrobe is simple compared to other super heroes today, the detective stands out in the crowd in his iconic bright yellow trench coat and yellow fedora hat which makes a great Halloween costume idea for parties and comic book conventions.