Best Mustard Costume Halloween Ideas

Mustard Halloween Costume ideasIf you want to spice up your Halloween and have an unusual condiment Halloween theme, we suggest you try on a wacky Mustard costume! There are actually mustard costumes available, and you can even pair up with a ketchup costume too! You’ll definitely add spice and color to your next costume party! In Napa Valley, there is even a Mustard Festival every year to honor this condiment and you also get wine! If you want to promote a new burger restaurant, suiting up as food condiment is also another creative way to promote a business! Like mustard itself, these outfits take on many forms like mustard bottles and packets! Wondering what kind mustard flavor your outfit should take on? If you are a connoisseur, you know there are Dijon, whole-grain, horseradish, English or just plain old traditional yellow mustard! Lucky for you, we made all these choices easy when it comes to choosing the best Mustard Halloween costume! We have listed some below!

Fun fact! Did you know that this tangy, spicy condiment dates all way back to ancient Rome where the Romans made it from the ground seeds of a mustard plant! These days, the mustard as we know it is created by mixing in vinegar, water and spices. The type and kind of mustard seed in the recipe determines show hot the flavor is. The strongest mustards which can clear your sinuses include the whole black seed in its ingredients! If you have lots of friends coming along for your Halloween costume party, you can dress your friends up like a hamburger, hotdog, French fries, and anything else you can think of! You’ll be the hit of any costume party when you show up in a larger-than-life Mustard outfit!
fast food costume set for Halloween

There are a few options for a fun Mustard costume that you can completely pour yourself into. These outfit come in sizes to fit both adults and kids, wearing a Mustard Halloween costume will intensely taste sensation whenever you show up at the next party! You can wear these outfits on several events…such as Halloween, school cafeterias, food drives, or baseball stadiums. A Mustard costume is always lip-smacking good for any of these events.

The design of the Mustard costume is composed of a long sheath made of yellow colored foam that comfortably fits over the body with open holes for your arms and legs. A matching cone-shaped headpiece or hat with a wide brim is to be worn as its bottle cap. You can be either a big squirt or a little squirt and still make your Mustard costume be a flavorful impression. For kids who are fans of mustard (although they may be too young to taste it), the youngest one can suit up in an adorable bunting-style Mustard costume for infants…which will make anyone smile at any Halloween event! This baby mustard bunting costume is styled as sack-like with a squirt lid hat that will keep your little infant warm and snuggly on a cold Halloween evening of trick-or-treating with the family. If you are heading out with a friend or another family member, have him or her dress up as a complementary costume such as a ketchup or hotdog. If one wears the Mustard costume and your friend as the Ketchup outfit, you can go out as the ultimate condiment couple! Another sweet detail about a mustard costume is that it’s easy to add several friends to accommodate a fun Halloween theme! So you can add some company to your Halloween group or crew by having a friend suit up in a supersize food costume such as hamburger or hot dog to go with your outfit. These hilarious huge foam character costumes are the perfect complement outfits for a condiment Mustard costume! Now is your chance to give your Halloween party a spicy and flavorful twist with this condiment style costume that’s as tempting as your fast food favorite meals!

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