Discount Snoopy Halloween Costumes for Sale

Most of us remember Snoopy as Charlie Brown’s legendary adorable pet dog from the comic strip series The Peanuts which was adapted to animated television programs and movies that’s been seen by fans all around the world. This upcoming Halloween season, you can dress up as America’s favorite comic book beagle, Snoopy! Snoopy and Charlie Brown’s comic strip series “The Peanuts” is by the late cartoonist Charles Schultz. Many of you have grown up watching the Peanuts animated specials, especially during the holidays like the memorable It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown broadcasted for Halloween. Snoopy costumes are back and now available in both children and adult sizes. These Snoopy Halloween Costumes are available in adult and kid sizes so the entire family can dress up as Snoopy and the cast from the Peanuts. And dont forget Snoopy’s little yellow bird sidekick Woodstock! We have located some great sale bargains on Snoopy Halloween costumes at great discount prices. So take a look and shop for the best deal on discount Snoopy Halloween Costumes. Choose from a huge selection of Peanuts character Halloween Costumes for kids or adults as well as baby bunting costumes too! These Halloween costumes are officially licensed Snoopy character costumes from the Peanuts.

Adult Deluxe Snoopy Halloween Costume from Peanuts

Super Deluxe Snoopy Costume for Adults

If you want to look just like Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip and cartoons, you will love this officially licensed super deluxe character outfit which includes the jumpsuit with attached hand covers, red collar with silver tag, detachable tail, soft sculpted Snoopy head and white dog paw slippers.

The Peanuts Deluxe Snoopy Costume for Toddlers

Super Deluxe Snoopy Costume for Toddlers

These costumes sell out quick so get one while you can this Halloween season. This super deluxe toddler Snoopy costume includes the jumpsuit with attached hand covers and tail, red collar and silver tag, dog paw slippers, and soft sculpted Snoopy head with chinstrap. Available in sizes 2T to 4T.

Kid Charlie Brown Halloween Costume

Kid Charlie Brown Costume

Your child can dress up as Snoopy’s best friend, Charlie Brown! This Charlie Brown Halloween costume includes his trademark yellow t-shirt with the black zigzag pattern, black shorts, matching shoe covers, and red cap!

From inside the doghouse onto the rooftop, Snoopy grew to have a lot of personality and evolved into one of the most dynamic Peanuts characters in the animated series. He also took on a human persona, being able to walk on his two hind legs and use his other ones like hands! And who could forget about his cute little yellow sidekick Woodstock. What’s brilliant about him is that he has an extremely vivid imagination with an amazing fantasy life.

One his most famous fantasy personas is when he pretends to be a First World War Flying Ace. In his old school pilot uniform, he climbs onto the top of his doghouse which transforms into a flying doghouse. We see him up in the air with his brown leather flying cap, flying goggles, and a scarf flowing behind him in the wind, air battling his arch-enemy, the Red Baron.

Snoopy other daydream fantasies include being a super cool dude, a famous writer, a hockey player, Olympic skater, an astronaut and even a flash dancer. Outside of his fantasy life Snoopy loves to drink root bear, eat pizza and read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

Why not choose a to be a huge character like our beloved Snoopy? He is such as fantastic character to dress up as for Halloween, but don’t forget the other characters from the Peanuts too. If you have a friends and family who want to dress up as a group on Halloween, you can all dress up as a different Peanuts Halloween characters such as Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock!