The History and Tradition of the Halloween Costumes

pumpkinEvery year, many parents are endlessly pressured by their sons and daughters for latest popular Halloween costume. Halloween is a very old tradition where we have seen Halloween costumes evolve throughout the years to add more excitement and terror to a night filled with timely horror and playful trick-or-treats. The usual event in most towns involves a contest showcasing the best Halloween costume of the night, while houses are decorated with frightening ghouls and sharp pitchforks. Over time, Halloween costumes have become more fashionable and edgy, making the season more popular and favorable.

Celtic people from the ancient times started the invention of imaginative Halloween costumes. This creativity started thousands of years ago, with costumes being used as materials for disguises on the Samhain feast. Every Celtic New Year, believers gather around to proclaim the Night of the Dead in which the deceased rise back to life and act as zombies to the human world. Macabre costumes are used to prevent a spirit from distinguishing a human being from a crowd of other ghosts. Once the ghoul sees you dressed as one of them, it is believed that they will ignore you and look for another victim for that one night. The idea of All Saints Day, which was formerly known as All Hollows, was preserved to honor old Celtic traditions. During ancient times, the night before All Saints Day is deemed to be dangerous for both humans and the supernatural beings. While the dead are believed to be roaming around the streets in every town, people also began to fear those men and women under spine-chilling disguises. Consequently, minor offers of food are made at the foot of their homes for passing zombies and shrouded townsfolk. This action resulted to the feature we now know as Trick or Treat. Soon enough Hollows Eve was known to be Hallow Evening, which is now called Halloween. Halloween was known to be a pre-Christian celebration of New Year’s Day as people wear Celtic modern dresses.

Nowadays, these costumes are more synthetic and are mere facsimiles to those pieces of clothing used before. Men and women rush to the mall to buy costumes for children and adults in order to go door-to-door in all town houses, people knocking for candies and sweets. As soon as the month of October starts, a lot of people already find it hard to find costumes for Halloween since stocks usually sell like pancakes and are sold out within the first week.


History of Halloween