Popular Renaissance Faire Costumes for Men

A Renaissance Faire is an event that offers great opportunities for men to relax enjoy an era when life was more adventurous and fun. Apart from being able to drink all the beer they can handle, they can also show off their skills in archery or axe-throwing contests. Men’s clothing during the Renaissance period typically consisted of square-look outfits, with heavy shoulder padding in vests or coats, padded breeches and hosiery, and square-toed shoes. The look was completed with wide-brimmed hats. Later on, when the ‘barrel’ look came into fashion, more padding was added to the middle of the vest.

Men going to Renaissance fairs would undoubtedly eschew the heavy fashions of the nobility and go for more heroic styles such as those worn by knights or musketeers. The medieval knight costume consists of a velveteen tunic embroidered with a Maltese cross and black sleeves and cape, black satin knickers and boot tops. The outfit is completed with a silver belt and silver head cowl with attached fabric crown and faux jewel accents. The musketeer costume features a blue tunic with a black and silver fleur-de-lis emblem and attached sleeves, a ruffled collar, black pants and boot tops. To finish off the look, the outfit also comes with a dashing musketeer hat.

Renaissance faire men costumes inspired by legendary characters such as Robin Hood and Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table are also popular with men. The Robin Hood costume includes a long-sleeved crème gauze shirt, a faux leather brown capelette that laces up in front, a leather vest trimmed in dark green velvet and matching pants and boot tops. The outfit is completed with a black belt with gold buckle and brown hat with green velvet lining. The Lancelot outfit includes a metallic tunic with mesh sleeves and embroidered gold coat-of-arms, matching pants and boot tops.