Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes Ideas

Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween Costume SaleIf you want to choose a classic storybook character as the theme for your Halloween costume this year, we suggest you dress up as either a Raggedy Ann doll or her brother Andy! Originally, Raggedy Ann was a character dreamed up by the late American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880–1938) who featured her in a series of illustrated children books that became very popular with kids because Raggedy Ann isn’t just any ordinary rag doll. Fan’s recognize the intriguing fictional character for her cute triangle nose and red yarn hair. She inspired the creation of her doll in 1915 and the book called Raggedy Ann Stories introduced her to the public in 1918 along with a doll of Raggedy Ann, making it a very successful market. This success lead to a sequel in 1920 entitled the Raggedy Andy Stories that introduced Ann’s brother, Raggedy Andy, who dresses up in a cute sailor suit. These stories inspired a variety of different rag doll costumes for Halloween so people of all ages can dress up as their favorite childhood character.

Best Raggedy Ann and Andy Costume Ideas for Halloween

Plus Size Raggedy Ann Costume Full Figured Women

1X-4X Plus Size Rag Doll Costume

If you need a full figured plus size Raggedy Ann costume for Halloween, we recommend this classic style rag doll dress. This outfit includes a red knit wig with pony tails. This dress also includes puffy sleeves and bloomers that gives you the old fashion plush look of old rag dolls.to make you look like a plush, old fashion favorite. This is designed to be comfortable for a full figured woman who needs a dress in plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, or 4X.

Plus Size Raggedy Andy Costume 1X-4X for Men

Men’s Plus Size Raggedy Andy Costume 1X-4X

This Raggedy Andy costume is made for big and tall men. This classic Raggedy Andy costume comes in plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X.
Own your innate awesomeness in your exclusive Men’s Plus Size Raggedy Andy Costume! The checkered red, blue and white shirt, matching pale blue knee high shorts, and distinct black bow tie capture the playfulness and sillyness of Andy. Have your partner dress up as Raggedy Ann and you will have the perfect couples costume for Halloween!

Plus Size Raggedy Ann Rag Doll Costume

Plus Size Raggedy Ann Costume

If you want to be nostalgic for the past this Halloween season, you will enjoy dressing up as Raggedy Ann! This plus size Rag doll costume was specially designed to give full figure women comfort and room. This outfit is available in plus size 1X, 2X, and 3X!

Raggedy Ann Adult Costume

Raggedy Ann Women’s Costume

This adult size Raggedy Ann Costume includes a hat with wig, a single piece blue dress with white polkadot design with apron, bloomers, striped red/white stockings. Women’s dress size 14. An officially licensed Raggedy Ann product.

Child Classic Raggedy Ann Costume

Child Raggedy Ann Costume

This is the classic Raggedy Ann costume dress for girls. It’s just like you see in the children storybooks that girls love to read. It comes with the blue dress with white apron, red/white striped socks, and white bonnet with red yarn hair. This outfit is available in small, medium, or large sizes.

Toddler Raggedy Ann Girl Dress Costume

Toddler Raggedy Ann Costume

This cute child size Raggedy Ann dress costume features a blue floral print calico dress with back zipper, white apron, red yarn, white bloomers, and striped stockings. Available in infant and toddler sizes: 12 months, 18 months, 2T and 4T.

Child Raggedy Andy Costume

Kid Raggedy Andy Costume

This affordable and complete child Raggedy Andy costume for boys includes the red/white plaid shirt, large collar, blue bowtie, elastic blue pants, red/white striped socks, and white hat with red yarn wig. Available in boy sizes 4T, small, medium, large, and x-large.

Men's Raggedy Andy Halloween costume

Adult Raggedy Andy Costume

This adult men size Raggedy Andy Halloween costume features red/white checkered shirt with attached blue pants, striped stockings and a hat with wig set. Officially licensed.

toddler Raggedy Andy costume

Toddler’s Raggedy Andy Child Costume

This toddler size Raggedy Andy costume includes a checkered pattern shirt with attached blue pants, cute attached black bow, red white striped stockings and a hat with red wig. This is an officially licensed Classic Raggedy Andy product.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes