Adult Teletubbies Costumes for Halloween

Teletubbies never go out of season but if you want attention on Halloween from both the kids and parents, you can suit up as one of your favorite Teletubby character! Don’t be concerned, you aren’t the first adult searching for Teletubbies costumes for themselves for Halloween! They’re not only for kids! There are adult Teletubbies Halloween costumes for all your favorite characters such as Po, Laa Laa, Tinky Winky, and Dipsy. If your children are big Teletubbies fans, you can make their day by dressing up and pretending to be one!

Some parents might be confused by who’s who because they’re not as familiar with the characters like their children are. People are also confused by the spelling as well. Some people call them Telly Tubbies or Tellie Tubby’s. To sort out each character, we can briefly go over each of the four.

Teletubby Costume Ideas

Adult Yellow Laa Laa Teletubby Halloween Costume

Adult Laa Laa Costume

Adult Red Po Teletubby Halloween Costume

Adult Po Costume

Adult Dipsy Teletubby Halloween Costume

Adult Dipsy Costume

Adult Tinky Winky Teletubby Halloween Costume

Adult Tinky Winky Costume

Tinky Winky is the large elder purple Teletubbie with a triangle antenna while Laa-Laa is the yellow one with the wavy antenna who loves to sing and dance. Dipsy is the stubborn green Teletubbie with a pointy antenna and Po is the younger mischievous red Telletubbie with a circle antenna who rides along with her scooter.

If you have a good sense of humor, adults can even dress up as an adult Teletubbie if they want to dress up in a funny Halloween costume this year! We hope you enjoy the following Teletubbies Halloween costume ideas listed here.

Since these Telly Tubby costumes come in both grown-ups and kids sizes, you can dress up as a Telletubbie family for Halloween! Or if you are up for laughs, you and your significant other can dress up as a Telletubbie couple for Halloween!

If you ever wondered where in the world the Teletubbies come from, you can catch their very first episode below!

EPISODE 1 of The Teletubbies!