Scary Evil Clown Halloween Costume Ideas

evil clown costume ideas

Halloween is very near, but there is still some time to get a scary clown Halloween costume if you order today! This Halloween season, tap into your dark humorous side, that one side that would never venture out unless it was for Halloween night! Put on a spooky killer clown costume and watch everyone who attempts to cross your path turn around and scramble out of the way. Originally clowns are comical entertainers and circus sideshow performers, stereotypically characterized by their exaggerated cartoonish appearances: colored wigs, stylistic makeup, flamboyant costumes, unusually large footwear, red-nose, etc., who entertain spectators by behaving in hilarious or slapstick comedy. The types of acts varies greatly from clown to clown. But these days, clowns have a darker reputation where people, even grown adults, find clowns to be incredibly frightening. You can take advantage of this irrational fear on Halloween night by suiting up in a scary clown costume! There are so many to choose from so we are attempting to show you the best scary clown costumes available online so you can get ready for Halloween weekend! Did you know Halloween is on Sunday this year so you have all weekend to party in your costume or even have multiple costumes if you are lucky enough to invited to multiple parties during the weekend!

Best Evil Clown Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

It Movie Pennywise Halloween Costume It Movie Pennywise Halloween Costume

Due to the success of the remake of classic movie IT, Pennywise has returned to become one of Halloween’s most iconic scary clown costume! You can choose either the high quality Grand Heritage cosplay movie costume which has all the important costume accessories for completing Pennywise’s outfit or the less expensive standard Pennywise Halloween costume which only includes the mask, clown collar, and shirt. Available in standard or x-large adult sizes.

Die Laughing Clown Costume Die Laughing Clown Costume

This costume design is inspired by the cult movie Killer Clowns from Space. If you want a clown costume that will stand out from the other clowns on Halloween night, you will want to suit up in his outrageous and scary clown Halloween costume! This adult outfit includes the mask as well. The butcher knife prop is sold separately! Use any prop you like.

Fast Food Clown Evil Ronald McDonald Halloween Costume

Evil Ronald McDonald Clown Costume

If you or your friends hate fast food, why not suit up as a twisted version of the iconic MacDonalds clown that kids love? Disguise yourself as the evil version of Ronald McDonald in this sinister Evil McDonalds clown costume! This is a great alternative if you want to stand out from the crowd of It clown costumes you will probably see on Halloween!

If you worked in a fast food restaurant like McDonalds, you probably been frustrated with rude inpatient customers, relentless long work shifts, loud children running around making a mess on the floor and counters, and your diabolical restaurant manager! So suiting up as an evil McDonalds clown and tapping into your dark side for one Halloween night might be a way for you to express and let out all your pent up frustrations! Imagine yourself walking down the street at night, tossing cold French Fries or Chicken Nuggets at strangers (or potential victims) and doing a meniscal version of Ronald McDonald’s laughter you seen in commercials! If you are looking for something that is more impressive, check out the next costume!

Giggles the Clown

Giggles the Clown “Creature Reacher” Costume

If you want to impress all your friends with an amazing costume, we recommend this creature reacher costume for Giggles the Clown! Not only is he intimidating and scary, he’s expensive but he’s worth the price if you want to have a fantastic Halloween weekend scaring your friends and party goers at your next costume party! You are sure to cause life long trauma of clowns for people who see you in this outfit which includes long monstrous clown arms with hand extensions and oversized scary clown mask.

Fast Food Clown Evil Ronald McDonald Halloween Costume

Moving Mask Killer Clown Costume

This clever costume has a brilliant “Ani-motion mask” which moves when you talk inside the mask. This creates a more life-like illusion for your scary killer clown costume! This also includes the black clown jumpsuit with attached red pompoms, red collar, and white gloves. This is available for adults in standard size. If the price is too high, this costume is also available as a rental at a lower affordable price, click for more details!

Killer Clown Halloween Costume

Plus Size Killer Clown Costume

If you are a big and tall guy and need a clown costume with extra room, we recommend this killer evil clown costume for plus size men.

As you can see, the evil killer clown costume is probably one of the scariest costumes for Halloween. When you mix a creepy combination of pure evil intentions with faked happiness, you send shivers down victim’s spine. To have the spookiest Halloween ever, you need to complete your evil clown costume with the right accessories and props such as a rubber butcher’s knife, oversized plastic scissors, and giant plastic looking colorful clown shoes! So don’t hold back and be as creative as you like! Accessories will enhance our outfit to be a whole lot creepier. In addition, how you wield these clown accessories is key to their fear factor, and safety of course because you want to be invited to the next Halloween costume party next year!

Fake Blood Make Up Kit for HalloweenBlood has been, is still and will always be the stuff of most people’s nightmares, and artificial blood is a red-hot item for an evil costume like that of an Killjoy Clown costume. Treat yourself to a generous helping of the red stuff, and make sure that your guests can see lots and lots of it dripping down your chin – or any part of your body for that matter. Some thick tomato sauce will be perfect for the job. The trick of course is to get one with the right composition. Cant be too thick or too thin. But if you dont want the hassle of making your own blood then get artificial blood. It’s is a good alternative with little cleanup. These days a bottle of fake blood comes at an affordable price.

So if you do choose to wear an evil killer clown costume, please try not to scare too many innocent bystanders. Remember, when putting together your evil clown costume, it will only work in your favor if you pay attention to the little details. So keep that rubber knife accessory behind your back, apply a nice, thick splotch of fake blood on your outfit and turn that clownish frown upside down. Your smile can either be charming and friendly, or disturbing and homicidal. It all lies in the way you present your smile to your fellow party goers, which is one of the first things that people notice when you show up for a Halloween party!