Cleopatra Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

If you feel like your overwhelmed by all the choices for Halloween costumes for women and girls, you can never go wrong with a costume when you dress up as ancient Egypt’s most beautiful queen Cleopatra! All you need to do is find the right dress costume and you will have a fantastic Halloween night! Here is a great selection of Cleopatra costume ideas for women and girls. Legendary actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor portrayed this famous historical Egyptian figure in Hollywood movies. Now it’s your turn to become the Queen of the Nile for this Halloween season! This selection also includes a stage quality professional Cleopatra costume for theater and affordable ones for Halloween. These outfits are also wonderful for theater, school plays, or cosplay events! The dresses on our list are excellent Egyptian style dresses we recommend for adult women, full figure women, or girls.

Best Cleopatra Costume Ideas for 2023

Teal Cleopatra Dress

Teal Cleopatra Halloween Costume

This Egyptian outfit will be a fashionable eyecandy treat for anyone at your next Halloween party! This beautiful teal ancient Egypt dress costume will help you transform into the Queen of the Nile! This Cleopatra Halloween costume features an elegant teal dress, fabric belt with golden drape, detailed pharaoh-inspired collar with arm capes, shimmering gold wrist cuffs, and matching gold headpiece. Women dress sizes ranging from small to plus size 2X.

1x-5x Plus Size Egyptian Woman Dress Costume

1X-5X Queen Cleopatra Dress

This amazing and beautiful black Egyptian dress will let you recreate Cleopatra for your next costume party. This wonderful queen dress is designed for full figure women who need a dress in plus size 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X.

Girls Golden Cleopatra Costume

Girls Powerful Cleopatra Dress Costume

Your child will impress everyone in this beautiful queen Cleopatra costume for kids. This outfit includes an eye catching halter dress with attached decorated collar, cape with armbands, detailed Egyptian style belt, and gold color headband. This is great not only for Halloween, but for school plays and historical presentations!

Plus Size Golden Cleopatra Costume 1X 4X

Plus Size Golden Cleopatra Costume 1X-4X

This Queen of the Nile costume is designed for comfort for full figure plus size women. Stand up as the most powerful woman in history of ancient Egypt in this elegant gold dress with shimmering details and beige cape.

Deluxe Child Cleopatra Costume for Girls

Deluxe Child Cleopatra Costume

In this lovely Egyptian dress, your child can become the Queen of the Nile! The beautiful contrast between the golden costume accessories and white gown will make your kid stand out in any costume party. This costume is also great for children’s play at school!

Fancy Child Cleopatra Costume for Girls Halloween

Child Cleopatra Costume for Girls

This is a great bargain for Moms looking for an elegant child Cleopatra Halloween costume set at a great sale price. This Egyptian costume features the white dress, gold/blue collar, light blue cape, gold wrist cuffs and gold Egyptian headpiece. Available in girl sizes small, medium, or large!

Adult Women's Cleopatra Costume

Adult Cleopatra Costume

Rule the Nile is this beautiful traditional Egyptian queen costume. Everyone will instantly recognize you as Cleopatra at your next Halloween party! Available in women sizes small, medium, large, and x-large!

Girls Rose Lavender Cleopatra Costume for Kids

Girls Rose Lavender Cleopatra Costume

If you prefer a softer lavender color tone for your child’s queen Cleopatra costume, you’ll love this beautiful outfit! Your child will impress everyone in this beautiful queen Cleopatra costume for kids. This eye catching dress with blue arm drapes includes gold bracelets, decorated collar, belt, and headband. Available in child sizes small and medium.

Many films and television shows celebrated this legendary Egyptian Queen so you are probably already familiar with her life story. If you want a brief biography, we can remind you that Cleopatra was a confident and powerful Pharaoh of Egypt who ruled both upper and lower Egypt during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. She was the last of the Pharaohs to rule Egypt because after her death Roman Empire took over the land. The queen was a descendant of the Pharaoh Ptolemy VII, who originally was one of the generals who ruled after Alexander the Great died so Cleopatra was actually Macedonian, rather than a native Egyptian unknown to most people.

Cleopatra was most known for her romance with Julius Caesar, and for Caesarian, the son they had shared together after being born from their love . When Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C., Mark Antony became her next lover and as a result of this romance, Cleopatra gave birth to more children…this time to twins, Alexander and Cleopatra, and then later, Ptolemy. Legend reveals the fate of Cleopatra: after Mark Antony died, she committed suicide by ordering her handmaidens to bring a poisonous snake to her and allowing herself to be bitten. It’s no surprise that her life have been the basis for so many movies because she brings a lot of intrigue. So having this legend in mind, you can become Cleopatra by wearing one of her beautiful Egyptian dresses to your next Halloween party!

Also, Cleopatra Halloween costumes are not just for the Halloween season! These beautiful exotic Egyptian dresses also make great party themes for birthday parties, or any other fun dress up festivities. Egyptian costumes are also great if you are doing a dance routine and need an eye-catching costume to captivate the audience. And this is great for school plays too so if you need an economical cheap Cleopatra costume, those are available too! Most of all, Cleopatra is a timeless costume theme for Halloween so you can never go wrong with this outfit if you run out of women Halloween costume ideas! These Halloween dresses are also friendly and comfortable for full figure women who want an extravagant plus size Egyptian costume to wear for a Halloween event or party!