Halloween Skeleton Props for Sale

Halloween is a great time for the family to put up skeleton decorations and props. Skeleton bones and skull decor are a classic symbol of Halloween celebration. Even though Halloween is heavily influenced by Hollywood’s new movies and TV shows, it’s still not uncommon to see kids dressing in Halloween skeleton costumes every year. The Halloween skeleton is a timeless character that will never go out of style and it will be around as long as there’s still a Halloween. There are even great Halloween skeleton costumes for kids and toddlers. When walking house to house trick-or-treating, or attending the Halloween party, one thing you can be sure to see is the Halloween skeleton there to greet you either on the porch or in the corner.

Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton Lifesize Poseable Skeleton
Your Hallowen party isn’t complete without all the appropriate decor and props like a life size skeleton! This prop is also great for haunted houses or any Halloween event!

Most of the skeleton costumes come with a skull mask and hood, as well as provides a shirt with the ribcage shown. Other costumes can be a little more expensive and include a full-body suit, detailed with the skeletal structure on all limbs of the outfit. You can choose whether to wear a mask or take black and white make-up and recreate the look of a skull on your face. Since the theme of Halloween is associated with all things dead, ghoulish, and wicked, the skeleton is the most appropriate prop, costume, and face mask you will want to buy. Spooky white skeletons are the first choice when it comes to Halloween decoration, and they always make a fantastic Halloween costume idea if you want to wander the streets in a spooky outfit on Halloween.

When brainstorming and thinking about Halloween props or decor to decorate a haunted house, be sure to buy a few Halloween skeletons. They come in all types, from lightweight plastic props you can hang from the ceiling to larger skeletons that can prop standing next to a door or sit in a chair. There are also smaller skeleton figures you can shop for that are light and made from paper, which you can easily tape to the wall. Some skeleton decor even has poseable limbs, and often you will see these taped to the windows of homes, offices and schools. And don’t forget, without a tombstone, no Halloween party is complete!

If you’re organizing a Halloween party, you can purchase accessories like little skeleton straws to serve with your drinks. The straws are usually in popular theme colors, orange and black, and showcase a small skeleton prop at the tip so you can hold onto it as you sip. Invitations that you mail out for the party also come in Halloween themes, covered with printed skeletons on the cover beckoning you to participate. You can decorate your tables with small skeleton candelabras which look like a skeleton sitting on the table with each arm stretched out, holding a candle in each hand. To add to the spookiness, they have eyes with red LED lights.

Because the skeleton has so many uses, it’s no wonder it’s a popular theme during Halloween. October is coming soon so it’s time for you to shop for your own skeleton prop and decoration for this Halloween. Make sure that you use them in every way you can to liven (or deaden) the party!