How to Make a Cupid Costume for Valentine’s Day

Are you thinking about having some fun and dressing up in a lovely cupid costume this Valentine’s Day? Who says you can only dress up for Halloween? Cupid is one of those favorite Greek Mythology characters known as the son of the goddess Venus and was recognized for his bow and quiver. Similarly, if you plan to dress up your little one as cupid, you can be sure to give life to a cute looking angel. From cupid’s wings to the ever-famous bow and arrow, a cupid costume can certainly brighten up a celebration.  If you are in a creative mood, you can take the time to create your own unique Valentine’s Day cupid costume!

Materials Needed:
1. White fabric
2. Pattern
3. Gold belt, ribbon or cord
4. Scissors
5. Safety pins


Step 1: Get accurate measurements

Making a cupid costume requires exact body and fabric measurements. The length of the white fabric and securing the pattern are both very important. Although cupid costumes come in varying designs (diapers for babies, cloth, pillowcase, etc.) with a bow and arrow, a white fabric resembling a long white dress is still considered classic especially for the grownups. It is important to get the correct measurement as the fabric must cover the shoulder and below the knee.

Step 2: Mind the pattern

Once the pattern is done and you have the correct measurements with you, it is now time to sew the white fabric and form it into a dress with a hole for the wearer’s head and arms. You can do this by simply draping the fabric around the body and use safety pins to pin together and adjust sections that need to be closed. The seams of the white fabric must also be sewn either by a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

Step 3: The belt

Once the dress is sewn, one good idea to make the costume more cupid-like is to provide a gold fabric, ribbon or cord to serve as belt for the dress. You can also match it with another gold cloth/sash that will act as a bow. Just try to play with the design and come up with the best style to suit your preference.

Step 4: Don’t forget the hearts

Cupid costume will never be complete without heart shapes cut out of red felt. Try to make similar heart shapes as these will serve as cupid’s accessory for shooting love on party attendees. It was believed that cupid’s arrows, when shot into a person’s heart, could stir love straight away. Therefore, adding this to your ensemble will surely make way for a more fun costume.

Step 5: The shoes

While others prefer to don a cupid costume and walk barefoot, some prefer wearing sandals that will match their outfit. You can choose to have a Spartan-like sandals with either a gold cloth or ribbon to tie them.

Step 6: Don’t forget other cupid accessories

A classical cupid costume would most definitely have wings and a laurel wreath. So to complete your cupid costume, do not forget to include these two on your how to make a cupid costume list.

Step 7: A cupid costume need not be posh
Finally, making a cupid costume does not necessarily have to be expensive. The Roman toga or a Greek chiton can be substituted to a simple white cloth, a gold sash, and a DIY bow and arrow.