Milk Costumes for Halloween

Remember that old saying “milk does the body good” in those television commercials? You can also apply that phrase to Halloween costumes! Milk has been an essential part of human health. Consuming this nutritious milk not only gives you calcium for strong healthy bones and teeth, it also provides you a good essential protein to help you sustain energy. Did you know that all baby mammals drink their mother’s milk at infancy, but it’s humans who continue to consume milk (usually pasteurized cow’s milk) as adults! Milk as become such an essential part of our diet that we enjoy consuming it in many forms such as butter, cheese, yogurt and of course ice-cream! So it’s totally appropriate to dress up in a milk costume for a Halloween party, dairy festival or even at school such as during Food Pyramid day! It’s a fun way to celebrate this refreshing drink.

Best Milk Halloween Costume Ideas

Milk Costume Ideas for Halloween

Take a look by clicking above at all the available milk Halloween costumes that are available in several sizes like for babies, young boys, girls, teenagers, adult men, adult women, and plus size full figure women and men! After taking look at your options, you are surely going find a milk costume that satisfies your tastes.

Missing Person Milk HatA couple silly choices in a funny milk costume are based on the “missing” bulletins you see on the back of milk cartons for lost children. As a parody, this milk costume is styled as huge carton of milk with openings for your head, arm, and legs for comically sticking out. On the front of side of the milk carton costume are the important stats of the person of interest such as hair color, eyes, etc. The carton even says “last seen at Bob’s Tavern on Saturday” hilarious! Better stick with the milk! If you are looking for something simpler like a mask or hat, there is a smaller version of this missing persons ad milk carton costume that you can simply wear as a comical headpiece that you can see here on the right! We hope we were able to inspire you to find the best milk costume idea for this upcoming Halloween season and wish you happy trick or treating!

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