Taco Halloween Costume Ideas

This year Halloween falls on Taco Tuesday! Are you are searching for a silly fun outfit for Halloween that will make your friends laugh out loud? Then we suggest going as your next upcoming Halloween costume party as a favorite Mexican food. And there’s no better way to have a spicy hot time than in a funny Taco Costume. These taco costumes are fun, unique, and will guarantee you a fiesta good time! Now who would be able to think of a better idea than dressing up as a taco this Halloween? You would not only enjoy yourself a lot but would also keep other people laughing when you dress yourself up as a taco. When it comes to taco Halloween costumes, you have a wide variety of outfits to choose from. The best part is that it wouldn’t break your bank to buy this costume.

Taco Halloween costumes

This Mexican Taco costume is designed and cut in a way that it fits exceptionally well and is very comfortable to wear. The fabrics that are used to make this costume are very high quality too and can last you for several seasons. There are good reasons why you should consider dressing yourself up in a Taco costume this Halloween season. You would not only feel spicy enough yourself with Mexican hot chili peppers on your sizzling Taco suit, but you would also make other people’s mouth water. Taco costumes for adult are usually available in one standard size which fits all. The dress includes a poly foam taco suit that gives the appearance of a hard-shell Taco. The costume is complete with a topping of lettuce, cheese and sauce. There are holes in the suit for arms and head and the bottom is left open for easy movement. You shouldn’t miss out on a little Mexican food flair this Halloween by opting for this wonderful and fun looking costume. Another great Taco Outfit that comes in the form of a tunic. This one is also filled with all the great fix ins’ because what would a tasty taco be without shreds of lettuce and cheese? Made of polyester, this costume is comfortable, well made, and is available at a discounted price. To make this outfit stand out even more, all you’ve got to do is add a basic pair of black pants, some black shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt if you wish. Want to take things one step further? Just add that sombrero to get the full Mexican effect.

Taco Dog Halloween costumeAre you looking for some funny costume ideas for this Halloween? Would you like to make people laugh this Halloween? Why not dress yourself as a food item this Halloween? If the idea appeals to you, then there can be no better idea to have a spicy hot time than to dress yourself up in a Taco costume. Taco costumes are unique, fun and are guaranteed to give you a fiesta good time!

baby taco Halloween costumeLet’s not forget about the dog this year. Your pup will feel like part of the crowd when you wrap them up in their own little soft-shell taco complete with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. Whether your dog is just greeting your trick or treaters at the front door or is going out and about in the neighborhood with you, they’ll look just adorable. My favorite part of this costume is the little miniature sombrero that comes with the costume. How cute is it that your dog can play the part and have a little Mexican fiesta fun just like you! You can be sure that everyone who sees your little dog with get a good belly laugh over this outfit!

kids taco Halloween costumeYou know that the kids never want to be left out of something that they anticipate is going to be a good time! The child’s costume is NEW this year so your kids can be one of the very first to wear this fun food. Whether they want to man this year’s taco stand or just wear something that will provide a good laugh, this outfit will work for them. Made of polyester, this little taco suit includes a taco shaped tunic. Wear it simply with a pair of jeans and shoes and add a sombrero. Or spice it up like the adult costume and add some green tights, a green shirt, and those silly elf shoes. Kids love to ham it up on Halloween so go ahead and buy them some great accessories! Kids also love to get into the holiday makeup so go ahead and let them experiment. You won’t have to let them use much with this costume. And don’t forget those amazing cartoon hands – they really add some character to this one.

Hot Taco Bell Sauce CostumeA taco costume is a sure-shot way of having a memorable and funny look this Halloween season. As far as the cost of these costumes is concerned, taco costumes are a very good bargain. There is just no way that anyone will be able to resist laughing and smiling at this funny and lovable taco costume. Just imagine the excitement you would be creating when you go to the Halloween party in a taco shaped suit that has toppings of lettuce, cheese and tomato on it. However, watch for anyone pouring a spoonful of hot sauce on you and trying to have a bite. Though there are many different types of this costume available, there are two styles that are most popular. The first one includes taco shaped body that has simulated toppings of lettuce, tomato and cheese and also has a goofy headpiece and a cool handlebar moustache. To make this taco costume complete, you would also need to buy green tights as well as a long-sleeved shirt.

felt taco hatThe other Taco costume comes in the form of a tunic that includes all the fix ins. There are shreds of cheese, tomato and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla – guaranteed to make all heads along with the mouths turned towards you. It’s always fun to have the most unique costume at the party. A taco costume would be perfect for any Halloween party or fiesta. Dress up as a taco and maybe bring a plate of tacos too. You’ll be a hit! Tacos aren’t the only food item you can dress up as. You would get a kick out of some of the food items that have been made into costumes.

Whether you’re a hard shell or a soft shell, you’ll be heading out to this year’s party wrapped in your favorite tortilla! Not only are these taco costumes incredibly unique in its style, they’re also a great costume to wear at other parties besides Halloween. Wear it to a birthday party, New Year’s party, or an office party. You’ll get laughs no matter where you go!

So obviously, taco costumes are a great idea for Halloween dressing up. They’re fun AND funny, not to mention original and will definitely stand out at any Halloween get-together. You can accessorize them with options like giant sombreros and mustaches. Use them together with friends and family or be a red hot stand out all on your own. You’ll be comfortable and ready to party, knowing that your high-quality costume is up to the challenge. Make your Halloween a spicy success in your entertaining and unique taco Halloween costume.